I go beyond what music licensing libraries offer— I provide tailor made, timed, edited, mixed, and produced pieces that match your project or marketing requirements. I utilize my business experience and MBA as well as my graduate education in Psychology to  compose, or to find, the best music for your project.


I’m a composer who specializes in classical style music.  Being a trained on the cello and playing most of my life in orchestras and small orchestral groups has given me an advantage in composing and producing classical style orchestral music.


In addition, my love of counterpoint has enabled me to create emotional and complex pieces. If you are looking for simple, I’m not for you. However, if you want dramatic, melodic, and compelling works, then I am your perfect fit.

Coupled with past business experience and an MBA, I approach composition much like a consultation—gathering requirements and producing detailed statements of work and project timelines. 

If my style isn't what you are looking for, then I will draw upon my large network of professional musicians and composers to find exactly what your project needs. 


Get original music for your media, marketing, and project needs by Stacy Sinclair freelance composer and producer.

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